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Christchurch United FC
The merger between CFA and CUFC in 2016 has reignited the legacy — 1995: association of football reporters recognised Christchurch United as the best NZ club for 1970-1995.
Christchurch United is a proud Christchurch Football Club with a strong and successful history. It was one of the founding clubs of the New Zealand National Soccer League in 1970. Over the years the club’s successes have included Winning Six National League Titles and Six Chatham Cups, including the two famous doubles in 1975 and in 1991. The club produced a number of great players who have competed internationally, such as:

The legendary All Whites who competed at the 1982 World Cup in Spain; Steve Sumner, Grant Turner, Bobby Almond, Steve Woodin, and Frank van Hattum. These players all wore the blue and white of United in the prime of their careers.
All Whites captain Ryan Nelson and All Whites player Ben Sigmund, who were part of the unbeaten New Zealand team at the 2010 World Cup.

In 2016 Christchurch United cemented the future of the Club after merging with rapidly grown Christchurch Football Academy (CFA) who were based at new state-of-art Football Centre. Both Academy and Football Centre were founded by a visionary football enthusiast Slava Meyn who has a dream of developing a great football club in Christchurch.

Together we share a strong vision and passion for the Club and Academy future development.

The juniors and youth academy teams showcased the innovative CUFC playing style throughout all the Mainland Football premier Grades.

The Club has a first team competing in Mainland Football Premier Divison aiming to reach a status of National League Club near future.
Our Vision
Christchurch United Football Club will be the most successful football club in New Zealand, recognised for developing players who proudly represent their Club, Families, Communities, and the Country.
Our Mission
Our mission to introduce international best practice and technology for modern training practises and attractive playing style in a safe and inspired environment.

We share our love & passion for the beautiful game amongst our coaches, staff, supporters, and players. Our youth are the next generation of Champions, and more importantly the next generation of New Zealanders.

We promote a healthy lifestyle and development of life skills & values for our members.
Our Values
The appreciation of the efforts made by teammates, coaches, & parents to ensure the enjoyment and develop within the sport.
The ability for an individual to have self-restraint and to behave and practice in a controlled manner. Athletes need to be disciplined in the technical, tactical, mental, & physical as well as lifestyle areas of development.
The capacity to consciously adjust his thinking to new requirements, and possessing the mental adaptability to new problems and conditions of life.
The drive you have to do something, no matter what. It’s what you love & feel you can’t live without, passion compels you to take risks and push yourself past your current limits.
The understanding that you have control over your thoughts, actions, & feelings. Responsibility is being accountable for the consequences of your actions.
The feeling of pride & loyalty that exists among all members of the team and what makes them want to do well.