2024 Season Supporters

With 10 branches nationwide, SIGNBIZ is our trusted partner for our print and sign writing needs.

We value their long term on-going support and ask club members to use SIGNBIZ for your print and sign writing needs.

Did you know they offer fantastic home solutions too?
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Aesthetica Clinic
Welcome to Aesthetica, the place centered around natural beauty where we help our guests look fabulous and feel confident.
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Fleet Management Efficiency requires a lot of skill and effort. The Cartrack team is on a mission to make your workload easier to handle while improving the safety and performance of your fleet.

Discover how to improve fleet efficiency with a smart GPS tracking system and what that can mean for your business.

Get a free copy of "9 Ways To Improve Fleet Management Efficiency: Cartrack's Vehicle Fleet Tracking is the Easiest Way to Keep Your People, Vehicles, and Other Assets Safe"
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Flaming Pizza
Christchurch United is delighted to announce the launch of an exclusive new partnership with Flaming Pizza who are certified as the best pizza in Christchurch.

They can be found at 479 Papanui Road, Papanui or www.flamingpizza.co.nz

Now which pizza shall I order for tonight?
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Platform Sports
The exciting partnership between Christchurch United Football Club and Platform Sports Management has been announced.

By forging new football pathways that encompass our academy players, this collaboration promises to reshape the South island footballing landscape.

With a commitment to development, inclusivity, and excellence, the partnership heralds a bright future for ambitious footballers wanting to play in the US college system.
Tony Mounce
Beck & Associates
Christchurch United is delighted to announce the launch of an exclusive accounting partnership with Beck & Associates

Beck & Associates
"Our goal is to help you achieve your goals"

info@beckandassociates.co.nz or 03 3434360 (ask for Victor)
Or www.beckandassociates.co.nz
from SignBiz
We would like to thank Jim Coe a for all he has done for our club and community.

You may not recognise the name or the face, but you will recognise his contribution to the club grounds and players because Jim Coe is the leader of the SignBiz which creates beautiful signage for us.

The numbers and names on the backs of your children’s uniforms are all done by SignBiz.

Jim is always willing to help us out here at the club, and if we need anything to be done (even at the last minute), he is onto it promptly. The attention to detail, professionalism and incredible customer care is second to none and we are fortunate to have his support.

Jim is rather accustomed to parental life on the sidelines of the football field. Keeping in mind that three’s a charm, all three of his boys play as a part of the club.

Jim Coe is one very special man, who we are beyond grateful to have in our club.

We would like to recommend SignBiz and Jim Coe as an excellent choice of a signwriting company nationwide.

Support SignBiz that supports our football community and get in touch with Jim.
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from Jim Watt’s photography
Here at CUFC, we have the privilege of having Jim Watts as a part of our dedicated community. We are very grateful for Jim who is the man behind the camera, snapping shots of the wins, the losses and the team spirit that takes hold of the field for many years.

Alongside his wife Mandy, the Watts’ take photos of the teams all across Christchurch.

When you see photos of our team, more often than not it the time and dedication of Jim that has gone into creating the photos. Jim takes all of our team photos and headshots supporting our club, young players and their families with priceless memories.

Jim is no stranger to the football field. His son Frewan plays as a Keeper in the U17 team and his daughter Lucy playing for the U11’s team.

Jim Watts is one amazing man, whom Christchurch United FC is beyond grateful to have as a strong part of our community

When you are looking for a photographer, we highly recommend Jim Watt’s photography.
Our Supporters
We are grateful to all our sponsors who have supported us all over the years.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please feel free to write us.
+64 20 4130 5496
Our Funders & Partners
We are grateful to all our funders and partners who have supported us all over the years.

If you are interested in becoming a funder or a partner, please feel free to write us.
+64 21 446 212
Benefits of Sports Sponsorship

1  Provides Access

By investing in a sponsorship, you’re directly impacting the audience in a positive way by providing access to positive times and experiences!

For example, if your brand is prominently displayed on a team’s uniform or given the opportunity to activate on-site, you are able to directly interact with a loyal audience and begin the process of turning those members and supporters into your dedicated customers.

Access is key when evaluating sponsorship opportunities.

2  Engagement With The Community
If an alignment exists between your brand and a particular sports club, there is no better way to reach your target customers than by interacting with them and making their sports experience the best it can be.
3  Generates Exposure

One of the greatest parts about a sponsorship is that it provides a brand numerous different channels to activate within. From physical and in-person assets such as signage, logos or jersey, and in-venue advertising to on-site activation and sampling to integrated digital and social media campaigns, a sponsorship can garner a brand

a lot of exposure.

4  Bolster Current Marketing Initiatives

What’s the best way to maximise your return and leverage your sponsorship? By making it consistent with other elements of your current marketing mix!

A sponsorship can help you build customised in-person, digital and social media campaigns, build loyalty and drive a lot of traffic to location.

It is critical to use your sponsorship as an extension of current marketing tactics because it will aid in brand recognition and recall. It will also ensure that your brand is getting consistent exposure from current customers, prospects and fans.

5  Promote New Products and Services

One of the best benefits of building a partnership with a sport club is the ability to promote new products and services to an engaged audience and potential customers.

6  Build Long Term Relationships

An immediate return on investment from a sponsorship is quite rare. It takes time (we’re talking multiple seasons or even years) to be able to fully evaluate the effectiveness  of a sponsorship.

When a company decides to sponsor a sports club, it demonstrates that they support a sport, understand it’s benefits, and genuinely care about the community. 

This  can help instill loyalty amongst the players, their families, fans and your brand.

It’s important to plan on building a long term relationship that will be beneficial for both parties rather than a one  time investment that won’t necessary meet the goals and objectives for either party.

It Only Works if it Aligns

In order to bring a sponsorship to life, the club and sponsor must work collectively to achieve mutual goals.

Sponsorship can be one of the most powerful ways to reach your target customers if approached the right way. If you keep it consistent with your other marketing channels, this will guarantee a more lucrative and worthwhile return on investment.

We accept donations for the Christchurch United Football Club and Academy development.

If you want to make a donation, please contact us
+64 21 446 212