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Our Methodology

Rethinking Talent Development Together with TOVO Academy Barcelona which is regarded the best holistic program in Europe for players aiming to excel in football and beyond.

CUFC Football Methodology
Rethinking Talent Development Together with TOVO Academy Barcelona.
Our methodology is inspired by TOVO Academy Barcelona founded by Todd Beane who worked with the legendary Johan Cruyff for many years.

At CUFC we believe in playing attacking, dynamic, possession-based football. Our methodology is designed to play a style of football that has led some incredible teams to tremendous success. Our origins rest in Total Football and for that reason, our entire training method develops players capable of playing the game skillfully and intelligently. Every training detail leads us to play a system of play we find to be spectacular.

Our connection with TOVO has been visible for many years. CUFC coaches have visited Barcelona to follow the TOVO coaching courses and TOVO has visited Christchurch several times with Todd Beane and Oscar Jorquera (former FC Barcelona youth coach). The ongoing support from a distance with online schooling and active support of our football programmes results in where we are now.
We are excited to collaborate with Christchurch United as they rethink and redesign talent development. The club’s commitment to player development is admirable.

Todd Beane
TOVO Academy Barcelona
Methodology: Founders
Our methodology is inspired by TOVO Academy Barcelona founded by Todd Beane who worked for many years with the legendary Johan Cruyff.

Todd Beane holds the USSF 'A' license and is the very first and only American to lead talent growth projects at FC Barcelona and Ajax Amsterdam in Europe. Over a decade he worked with Johan Cruyff as the Founding Director of the Cruyff Institute for Sport Studies. Beane concluded his formal studies at Stanford University earning a M.A. in Education. He is the author of a book "Clear Coaching: Harness Clarity to Drive Development."
Methodology: Five Key Areas
Our methodology focuses on five key areas: Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychological and the CUFC values.
Methodology: five key areas: Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychological and the CUFC values.
Our training sessions are based on Rondo, Position Play and Training Games which focus on developing players of great cognition, competence and character.

The trainings are based upon sound pedagogical practices that encourage players to seek effective solutions with vision, precision and pace.

The progressive and patterned series of game-based exercises instil a sense of confidence and creativity in players. Each exercise is designed to help players find solutions to the challenges presented.

Players love the dynamic, engaging and competitive nature of the sessions. Coaches know that while players are having fun they are also training their brains and bodies to work in harmony.

In our Academy we use the most advanced technical tools such as Smartabase, Spiideo and GPS.

We monitor players progress and performance through well-designed tests and ongoing reflection cycles.

Our curriculum is structured, progressive and age-specific (4-20 years).

A year is broken down into sessions so that each session has a set of goals that cover all or some of the key areas.

Our Focus
We focus on quality rather than quantity,
with players in our programs receiving great individual attention.
Watch Methodology in Action
Our qualified coaches take care of the children and programs all year round from Monday to Saturday, rain or shine. 
You can come to our trainings to allow your child to experience the team spirit of football game in a fun and safe environment. Book a FREE football open training now.
Why Choose Christchurch United Academy?
Winning Team
CUFC's rich history of success continues today with significant wins every year. Let your child be part of a success story while learning football and life long skills.
Qualified Coaching Staff
Our highly qualified coaches are part of the dedicated CUFC staff. They are football enthusiasts who never stop learning. Their commitment to player development is second to none.
Better Facilities
All trainings are at the state-of-the-art Christchurch Football Centre field and facilities, which are one of the best in New Zealand. Visit us for an Open Training to experience the difference.
Positive Club Culture
We aim to provide a lot more than just football skills. We aspire to build a sense of working as a team towards a common goal. This naturally leads to the development of many life long skills well beyond sport.
Beyond the Club
Our staff and coaches aim to empower our members to do far more than the basics. They provide unique opportunities to explore the world through football and internationally leading coaching methodology.
More Mastery
Using world leading methodology in football coaching, we enable our players to progress as far as they want on the national and international football arena. We celebrate success at every level.
One of the most important parts of our program and methodology.
Spiideo football video analysis software ensures our coaches and players can quickly and easily look at players performance on video across all trainings and games. This is a powerful and easy to use analysis, recording and streaming tool.

Our players are encouraged to learn about analysis and to use it to help guide their own development plan. Our ambitious players typically make clips on the car ride home instead of being on social media or video games.