Christchurch United Football Academy

TOVO Training is an intelligent football training designed to develop players of great cognition, competence and character.

Unlike traditional training, TOVO is based upon sound pedagogical practices that encourage players to seek effective solutions with vision, precision, and pace. It is a proven program for professional academies and youth teams worldwide.

TOVO will help you rethink and redesign talent development.


Double Pass is a Belgian company with worldwide football experts in talent development with 15-years of experience.

Michiel Buursma, Christchurch United Head of Coaching and Methodology completed Master Class designed to help gain insights into the challenges and opportunities of running an elite football academy and optimising its football technical management.

We are applying these concepts for further Academy development.


Video Analysis is one of the most important parts of our program. Spiideo is a world class video analysis system that is used by Inter Milan, AS Roma and many other top-tier professional European clubs. It ensures our players can quickly and easily look at their performance on video across all trainings and games. Our players are encouraged to learn about video analysis and to use it to help guide their own development plan.

Our ambitious players typically make clips on the car ride home instead of being on social media or video games.

from our video chat

An U14 Academy player described one of the videos he posted after the training session that day:

"Resisting oppositions press by finding open spaces is key to wipe out a line of defenders and progress up the pitch. Passing into spaces in behind means more time and space to progress up the pitch with more time and space to attack. Looking at the oppositions momentum of the press and executing a pass into the blind side of the defender makes it harder for him to recover the ball.

This was one of the best examples I found, (don’t focus on the execution rather the idea of open space available to use in this passage of play). XXX starts with the ball and is allowed a lot of time to pick out a pass in the open space. XXX has three options: AAA, BBB and CCC. AAA has the most space and furthest distance from the blue defenders, but XXX passes to BBB who also has enough time to break the line and play a simple pass. Instead of a simple pass BBB decides to resist the oppositions press by finding open spaces in behind the defence. It was a smart decision from BBB to pass to CCC because it broke a line of defenders and gave CCC an opportunity to break the line with a lot of free space and time."

Proforma have assisted the academy with our fitness testing, nutrition seminars and meal plan/ideas.

CUFC academy players have access to the Smartabase platform for tracking daily monitoring, pre- and postmatch and training performance.

The coaching staff use the software to adjust sessions based on the load the players are under and cater to the needs and learning objectives of the players.

Todd Astle helps with our Mental Skills Training.

Innerspin has been founded by international cricket player Todd Astle. He has also played over 100 first-class matches for Canterbury and recently became their leading all-time wicket taker.

Todd has harnessed his experiences and learnings and his aim is to inspire and empower others to maximise their potential. Todd has a Bachelor's Degree in Sport and Recreation Management from Lincoln University and is a certified life coach and mindfulness coach through ANZI Coaching.


Kairos Online Football Academy course teaches the fundamental characteristics of top level football and our players apply this knowledge by analysing themselves and the team to further enhance their own development plans.

It’s founder, UEFA-Pro Christian Donaire from Barcelona says:

Football is a game where situations are never repeated in terms of space and time. Constantly changing, football requires adaptable players with adjusted decision making to these changing contexts. Learning the Kairos football fundamentals will help you to have a better game understanding, acquiring the knowledge to solve the game problems efficiently, however your team plays. To know why, what, when, where and how you should do under any game scenario will empower your game intelligence, building a strong and solid basis to develop your creativity. Without a good understanding of the fundamentals it is difficult to get to the next level.

Strength and Conditioning
Strength and Conditioning is the practical application of sports science to enhance quality of movement. It is based on research and physiology of exercise and anatomy. We all move and therefore we can all benefit from a better quality of movement.

The benefits of a good strength and conditioning programme and the reasons we include it are:

  1. Injury Prevention
  2. Improved Performance
  3. Increased Muscle Mass and Metabolism
  4. Faster Recovery After Injury
  5. Exercise Can Become More Enjoyable