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Inviting Girls and Boys to Join our Football Academy!
The 2022 season has kicked off for Christchurch United Football Club, where football is played all-year-round!
Book a Free Open Training to become part of the Christchurch United Football Academy.
Christchurch International Cup 2022: 7th Annual Tournament

We are excited to host our 7th annual Christchurch International Cup From July 10th-21st 2022.
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16th-18th of July 2022

19th-21st of July 2022

13th-15th of July

10th-12th of July
Inviting all Ambitious Girls to Christchurch United Football Academy!

Christchurch United FC invites all female players U4-17 to join our new Female Academy.

Our Women's Only Technification is the first program in the academy, open to all U5 - U14 female players. Check it out here!

Register for a FREE Open Training as the first step to be trained by qualified coaches and play on state-of-the-art field.

A School Holiday Program for kids in Christchurch where they can be actively involved in sport the whole day may be challenging to find.

When you register for our School Holiday Programme in Christchurch your child will receive a great balance of fun and education, with football skills and activities all day round.

On sunny days, we bring out our inflatable fields and bouncy castles for some afternoon fun!

$30 for half a day 9-12pm or 12-3pm

$50 for full day 9-3pm