Ups and downs of Wellingotn trip - valuable lessons learnt by our U17 team

Check out what U17 team manager Mandy Watts had to say about their fantastic 11-4 victory over Wellington Olympic 11th Dec 2021!

"Christchurch United played a very solid & entertaining game, starting and building constructive patterns from the back, with goalkeeper Frewen Watts, fullback Angelo Barrimond, centre backs Marli Pradhan, Matt Duncan and Nick Murphy.

Play then seared through the United midfield with decisive, breakthrough runs from Seamus Gallagher, Diego Lavin (c) and Thomas Chao, to be then finished off by our wingers Jackson Cole and Harvey Davies. A rather 'striking' performance by Hugo Debenham then sealed the fate of the game.

Substitutes for the game, Jack Robinson, Alessandro Cvasniuc and Josh Coe, added another dimension of energy and enthusiasm to what turned out to be a rather warm and windy game.
Wellington Olympic FC never gave up, kept going to ensure the game remained competitive, including a very commendable game by their goalkeeper.

Goal scorers: Hugo Debenham (5); Jackson Cole (2); Seamus Gallagher (1); Alessandro Cvasniuc (2); Josh Coe (1)

Wellington Olympic scored 4, including a penalty.

Rest Day today, and the next game is Monday, at 2pm vs Ole Football Academy".

Congratulations on the win everyone, keep up the good work!

13th Dec
Today’s game saw Christchurch United travel to the Ole Football Academy.
An overcast and warm day saw a very good game of football, mainly coming from Ole Football, and a lesson in physicality by them as well.

Christchurch United seemed to be on the backfoot for most of the game, but they did have moments of great linking and skill.

Thomas Chao and Diego Lavin in the midfield put the hard yards in, with little or no reward.
Josh Coe lent a great turn of speed to the wing when subbed on.

Angelo Barrimond was a menacing presence also from the back, partnering with Marli Pradhan and Nick Murphy.

Seamus Gallagher managed to keep Ole guessing through the midfield a lot of the time, but was heavily countered.

Harvey Davies and Jackson Cole kept with wings moving, with little reward for their toil.
Matt Duncan again provided a stability in the back when allowed.

United’s solitary goal game from the boot of Alessandro Cvasniuc, who was the last link in the chain of play, initiated by Jack Robinson, then through to Hugo Debenham, who passed on to a free standing Alessandro.

United however, were on the receiving end of 3 penalties.

In the first penalty awarded, Goal Keeper Frewen Watts flung himself to his right when reading the “Pen”, pushing it wide, then springing up again, to dive on and subsequently killing the ball.
One thing that was noticeable, Ole weren’t too sure about having a goal keeper willing and able to challenge both in the air, with the feet and the body as well.

Ole Academy had 17 shots on/at goal, converting 3 field goals, with only 1 penalty converted.
Christchurch United 7 (converting 1)

United were taught a valuable lesson in physicality and multiple man-marking, alongside a second one, not to give penalties away.

Final Score 4-1 to Ole Academy