Success In The New Collaborative approach With Halswell United


Halswell United U14s Academy won the Mainland 14th Grade Division 1 thanks to the new collaborative approach to Player Development with Christchurch United

An incredible season in the Mainland 14 th Grade Division 1 has seen the Halswell United U14s
Academy winning the title, finishing undefeated with 7 wins and 2 draws an outstanding 23 points.
Coached by Joshua McTurk and assistant coach Kyle Hodge both first-team players at Halswell. Both
said, “The improvement, commitment and enthusiasm of the team is what saw them achieve those
results this season”.

A further thank you to the team at Christchurch United for allowing us to use their facilities and
collaborate on the pitch, this proved to be valuable for the Halswell players to play and develop with
the Christchurch United players and to have all year access to the United Sports Centre turf made sure the group had as much contact time as they could, with no trainings cancelled due to the weather.

Halswell United Football Development Manager Ollie Hawkins added “Josh has done a terrific job
with this group; he’s been extremely receptive to a collaborative environment that has allowed us to
provide greater opportunities for his coaching and also the players development this season. Paul
Holocher and the United coach's connection with the group has most certainly helped solidified

With the u14s South Island tournament coming up where both teams will face each other in the
group stage it will be an exciting fixture. “A huge opportunity to see the future stars of the Halswell
United and Christchurch United’s partnership”. says Halswell United u14 coach Josh.