Chatham Cup Round 3 Christchurch United 1-0 FerryMead Bays

Christchurch United Prevail in Fiery Clash Against Ferrymead Bays in Chatham Cup Round 3

In a highly anticipated Chatham Cup Round 3 encounter, Christchurch United clashed with Ferrymead Bays in what turned out to be a fiercely contested and chaotic match. The game, marked by a multitude of fouls and cards, saw three players dismissed and the need for extra time to decide the winner. Ultimately, it was Christchurch United who emerged triumphant, securing a hard-fought victory and ending Ferrymead Bays' aspirations for Chatham Cup glory in 2023.

Ferrymead Bays entered the match determined to repeat last year's Round 3 win and aimed to knock out Christchurch United from the cup. Their defensive strategy held firm throughout the regulation 90 minutes, frustrating the Christchurch United attackers and keeping the scoreline locked at 0-0. Both teams showcased their determination, resulting in a match characterized by rough challenges and contentious decisions.

The intensity of the game was evident in the disciplinary record, with a staggering total of 13 cards brandished by the referee. Both sides were not shy of physicality and committed fouls that warranted sanctions. The cards were shared between the teams, underscoring the fiercely contested nature of the encounter. However, the disciplinary proceedings took a more significant turn as three players from both sides were sent off, leaving the teams to battle it out with reduced numbers on the field.

With the match deadlocked after the regulation time, the tension heightened as the game ventured into extra time. Christchurch United displayed their resilience and determination, as our skipper, Matt Todd-Smith, finally broke through Ferrymead Bays' resolute defense on 96 mins. Todd-Smith's goal in extra time proved to be the decisive moment, effectively ending Ferrymead Bays' hopes of progressing further in the 2023 Chatham Cup. The elated Christchurch United team celebrated their hard-earned victory, securing a place in the last 16 teams of the tournament.

Having missed out on the Chatham Cup last 16 last year, Christchurch United now find themselves back in contention. Their triumph over Ferrymead Bays serves as redemption for their previous disappointment, igniting their hopes for a successful cup campaign this time around. With their confidence boosted, the team eagerly awaits the draw for the next round, where they will discover their opponents as they continue their quest for Chatham Cup glory.

Photos Courtesy of Jim Watts Photography