CONGRATULATIONS TO 2021 Prizegiving Recipients



On Sunday, Christchurch United Football Club held their annual prizegiving ceremony under COVID-19 restrictions. Thanks to the efforts of our amazing volunteers, we were able to put on an event that many other organizations around the country have had to cancel or postpone indefinitely!

The event was held in the Christchurch United Gymnastic Facility, which hosts the second sport that Christchurch United is proud to bring under its banner: gymnastics.
The ceremony was held for our U9 – U17 Pre-Academy and Academy teams, who braved the rain to come out and support the club in celebrating what has been a year full of twists and turns.

By splitting the prizegiving into three separate ceremonies, we were able to ensure that everyone could celebrate what they had achieved with their teams. Photos from the event can be found here:

Congratulations to Trophy winners 2021!

U9 White
Respect – Sina Rafyee
Passion – Justin Zhang
Discipline – Edison Thiong

U9 Blue
Respect – Miraj Abdul Wali
Passion – Rylie Naquila
Discipline – Indi Haydon-Uren

U10 White
Respect – Rigved Neethu
Passion – Ethan Cron
Discipline – Mustafa Quarzaband

U10 Blue
Respect – Tim Zhao
Passion – Finn Treacy
Discipline – Aedelred Jf Martinez

U11 White
Respect – Son Nguyen
Passion – Eric Tian
Discipline – Oliver Cameron

U11 Blue
Respect – Felix O’Byrne
Passion – William Guo
Discipline – Watson Guo

U12 White
Respect – Bobby Careford
Passion – Dhiren Kulathunga
Discipline – Domenico Fricker

U12 Blue
Respect – Thom Sweeney
Passion – Dylan Freeman
Discipline – Sogann Oeung

Respect – Zachary Newman
Responsibility – Joseph Chalabi
Passion – Roi Saxon
Discipline – Sena Vesty
Leadership – Joel Thirkell

Respect – Jakaya Anink
Responsibility – Ciaran Barrett
Passion – Jasper Robinson
Discipline – Naoki Takao
Leadership – Lewis Carswell

Respect – Joseph Cho
Responsibility – Matthew Foord
Passion – Rico Pradhan
Discipline – Waisea Henry
Leadership – Nicholas Murphy

Respect – Zachary Bennett
Responsibility – Diego Lavin
Passion – Josh Sapsford
Discipline – Angelo Barrimond
Leadership – Marli Pradhan