Christchurch United adopts TOVO Methodology

TOVO will collaborate with Christchurch United FC to implement a youth training program. Christchurch United FC is committed to offering a coherent and comprehensive youth academy program. TOVO will power that process by sharing a proven approach to developing intelligent, capable, and responsible footballers.
Todd Beane, Founder of TOVO comments, “The club recognizes that to be the best training center in New Zealand will require remarkable innovation. We are excited to redesign talent development with our friends in Christchurch. In essence we become a digital Director of Methodology.”
The partnership between TOVO and CUFC will encompass coach education via online courses and webcasts as well as the design and implementation of team training sessions. The ultimate goal is to promote learning and joy for all involved with the club.

TOVO educates players and coaches worldwide. Offering programs online, on-site, and in Spain, TOVO Institute and TOVO Academy Barcelona deliver an innovative training methodology to develop players of great cognition, competence and character. www. tovoinstitute. com