Welcome Michiel

From Michiel “After the announcement that was posted on our website I’m happy this blog gives me an opportunity to share some experiences with everyone at Christchurch United FC.”

“Arriving at a club is always exciting. I’ve been privileged enough to do it a couple of times in different parts of the world where I was exposed to different cultures. Arriving at Christchurch United FC is a joyful experience for me so far. Because of my occupation and with my duties at the club I connected with lots of people already. The new environment, all the people, the job that is ahead of us have made an impact on me already. I’ve been speaking to players, coaches, board members, parents, grandparents, CFC and Mainland Football representatives and lots of other stakeholders over the last two weeks.” “My job as a Head of Coaching and Methodology is an interesting challenge. To develop a methodology, we have to connect with the identity and core values of the club. Our team of coaches are going to challenge our players with the methods that will be presented to them. But our coaches will also be challenged in order to reflect and develop themselves during the process. The upcoming weeks we will continue this process where we will further develop our Coaching Methodology.”

“Besides my task as a Head of Coaching and Methodology I will be coaching as well. The club has trusted me with the U14 team, a task that I’ve been performing with lots of passion since I arrived two weeks ago. It is a task that I value highly since the most important part of a football club will always take place on the pitch.”