Welcome home Eddie Wilkinson!

Today Christchurch United fans were treated to a familiar sight today as their 2022 star striker, Eddie Wilkinson, made his return to the team after spending the last 10 months in Australia. Eddie's stint with the Melbourne-based Eastern Lions Down Under was undoubtedly a significant experience, but his homecoming had everyone buzzing with excitement.

Eddie Wilkinson left his mark on Christchurch United in 2022, netting an impressive tally of 22 goals during his previous season (scoring 19 goals in the Southern League and three goals in the club’s return to the Men’s National League.). His dynamic playing style and clinical finishing made him an instant fan favourite. And now, after his time abroad, his return has sparked immense enthusiasm among club supporters.

Today's match against Nelson Suburbs was a perfect platform for Eddie to make his grand reentry. The Southern League encounter turned out to be a triumphant one for Christchurch United, ending in a resounding 6-1 victory. Eddie's reintroduction to the team was marked by his appearance as a second-half substitute, and even though he didn't find the back of the net on this occasion, his presence on the field was enough to invigorate the team.

The timing of Eddie's return couldn't have been better, as Christchurch United gears up for what could be their most important match in decades. The team is set to face off against the unbeaten Auckland side, Eastern Suburbs, in the upcoming home semi-final at United Sports Centre on Saturday 19th August.
Remember Eddie's goal from last years home game against Cashmere Technical?