Christchurch United U20s Promoted To The Premiership

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Congratulations to Christchurch United U20s: Champions of the New World Canterbury Championship 2023!

A Remarkable Achievement: Promotion to the Premiership

In a stunning display of teamwork, the unbeaten Christchurch United U20s have secured 1st place in the New World Canterbury Championship 2023, earning them a well-deserved promotion to the Mainland Football New World Premiership division in 2024. This remarkable achievement not only highlights their exceptional talent but also paves the way for a new era of football pathways excellence in Christchurch.

Rising through the Ranks: A New Chapter for Christchurch United

The promotion of the U20s team to the Premiership marks an exciting milestone for Christchurch United, solidifying a solid academy to senior football football pathway in the South Island football scene. The elevation of the U20s to the second-highest division in the region means from 2024 the senior mens team will play in the top division (Southern League) and U20s in the 2nd division (Premiership).

A Testament to Exceptional Coaching Resources

Under the tutelage of Head Coach Paul Holocher, the U20s have flourished both individually and as a unit. Coach Holocher's keen eye for talent and commitment to nurturing young players' potential has brought the team to this remarkable unbeaten achievement. Reflecting on the season, Paul shared his thoughts: "The U20's have been a lot of fun to coach this season as it is an exceptional group of young men. One of the first things I noticed about the group when I first arrived is that they are highly competitive in training – which is always a good sign. Even in the smallest of games, they are hungry to win it."

Fostering Football Pathways With Growth and Development

Paul Holocher emphasized the unique dynamics of the U20s, stating, "The dynamics of the U20’s are a bit different than the other teams in the club in that we utilize this team to develop several age-categories within the club." This approach showcases the holistic approach taken by Christchurch United to cultivate talent at various levels. With a core group of U19-eligible players forming the backbone of the team, integration of top U15 and U17 talents, along with appearances by younger first-team players, has created a nurturing environment for growth and skill development.

The Pursuit of Ambition

From the outset of the season, the U20s had their sights set on earning promotion, and their hard work has paid off. Paul elaborated on their journey: "Our goal from the beginning of the season has been to win promotion into the next division up and they have taken that to heart." The team's commitment to learning and improving is evident as they've absorbed and implemented various strategic concepts, both in defense and attack, during matches. This dedication to tactical understanding and unity on the field is a hallmark of their success.

An Exciting Future Ahead

As Christchurch United U20s ascend to the Premiership in 2024, their journey is far from over. Paul Holocher's vision for the team's style of play is clear: "We look to be the protagonist in the match, to control the match with the ball, dominate transitional moments, and be dynamic in how we attack." With an emphasis on teamwork, thoughtful strategy, and continual improvement, the U20s are poised to make a significant impact in the Premiership and continue their upward trajectory.