"The Teachers are Noticing a lot of Engagement!" - Football in Schools: Term 1

The Christchurch United Football in Schools Programme enjoyed a great term supporting our local schools and young students of all skill levels, to learn and enjoy football. The club worked with four different local schools: Gilberthorpe, Avonhead Primary, South Hornby and Te Kura o Matarangi Northcote School, providing hundreds of children in grades 2-4 the chance to develop their football skills and abilities, build lasting friendships, and self-confidence. Christchurch United First Team players and juniors coaches Adam Huskic and Michael Hornsby were two of the trained and experienced staff who shared their love and passion for the game. The program provides equal opportunities for every child to experience the joys of football and learn invaluable life lessons through sports.

“This is a wonderful program for the youth as we focus on the individual development of each child rather than a team. Many of the young kids are brand new to the game, so giving them some guidance and confidence to learn some skills is really helpful for their development. The teachers have enjoyed the format of the program, noticing a lot of engagement, fun and focus during the classes. Hopefully we can inspire many young kids out there to not only develop their skills but to fall in love with the game for a lifetime." - Paul Holocher, Head of Academy, Methodology

The Christchurch United Football in Schools Programme had been made possible by the generous support of the Christchurch United Trust.

For more information on bringing this unique Football in School program to your school, please contact the club at