During 2023 our Fundraising committee runs various events to fund our teams
Christchurch United
December 2023 we held a Honey fundraiser for all our members and families. We sold 149 500g pots $447 to be put towards Christchurch United squads in 2023

If you would like to purchase a 500g pot use this form, every pot sold gives $3 back into our teams
OnePure Water keeping you hydrated during 2023
Buy a 24 pack of 500ml OnePure water for only $48 ($2 per bottle) and $12 will be added to our Fundraising - Use this form to buy

OnePure Still Artesian Water 24 x 500mL PET Bottle (Per Case)

Our strikingly designed 500ml bottle is perfect for on-the-go. It fits snug as a bug in your car drink holder for those busy work days or road trips.

It's considered shape also pairs perfectly on the dinner table with your wine you're enjoying.

OnePure® raw water quality is excellent, with moderate levels of reactive silica providing a silky flavour which is very pleasant to the palette. It has a healthy pH of 8.0, with ideal mineralization, is microbial free and has no detectable contaminants. The water matrix is of the sodium bicarbonate type which is naturally balanced and enriched with calcium, magnesium, potassium, chloride and sulphate.