Season Update Pre-Academy U9s White

We caught up with Christchurch United U9 White Pre-academy Head Coach Avi Prabhakar on the progress the team have made in 2023.

"The U9 White team has been experiencing a season filled with continuous development and progress. Although the team didn’t achieve favourable results in the first few weeks, the boys’ spirit and enthusiasm to learn and enhance their skills, technique, and tactical discipline as a team remained unwavering. Both players and parents now have a complete understanding of the club’s philosophies, both on and off the pitch. Over the past two weeks, our team has achieved consecutive victories due to their diligent efforts and perseverance.

The team has also been training with the U9 Blue team under the guidance of Head Coach Lew Gordon, along with coaches Paul Holocher and Jude Fitzpatrick. Their technical expertise and training sessions have been a huge benefit to the team, and I am grateful for their ongoing support throughout my first year with the club. Being a new member of the club, I want to express my gratitude to the aforementioned individuals, as well as Alistair Mclae, Tom Kean, Zach Bennet, and Uncle Tony for warmly welcoming me to this fantastic club.

Recap of last few results -

Vs Waimak United U9 Black - They were a very well-drilled team, positionally and tactically disciplined and experienced players who gave us our harshest defeat of the season

Vs Halswell United U9 Strikemasters - The team did a great job working together and using smart tactics during their latest game. Although they lost, the Halswell coach was impressed with their skills in playing positions, passing, and being aware of their surroundings. The coach praised them for doing a good job.

Vs Nomads United U9 - In a closely contested match, two teams battled it out until we secured our first victory of the season. Our team showed improvement from the previous game against Halswell.

Vs Parklands United U9 - The U9 White team has achieved two consecutive wins through their perseverance and dedication. Despite initial setbacks, they remained unfazed and focused on their goals. It’s difficult to choose a standout player as everyone is performing exceptionally well in various positions while upholding the CHCH UTD signature style of football.