8 Academy Graduates feature In A First Team Game

Academy Player Pathway
Christchurch United Football Club is starting to pave a history of producing talented players who are representing the first team. The club is known for its dedication to developing young talent, and its commitment to providing a clear football pathway for players to progress from its FUNIino U4-U8 programme all the way to the first team.

Last night, in the first round of the Chatham Cup, Christchurch United Football Club's senior men's first team put on an impressive display, winning 9-0 against Parklands. What made the victory all the more special was the fact that eight of the players in the starting lineup were products of the club's academy programme.

Frewen Watts, Hugo Debenham, Thomas Chao, Mac Prathumphithak, Jackson Cole, and Daniel Meyn, all of whom featured in the game, had come through the ranks at Christchurch United and were now showcasing their talent at the highest level. Debenham, Cole and Meyn even managed to get on the scoresheet in the game, demonstrating the quality of the players coming through the club's youth system.

But it wasn't just the established academy graduates who shone in the game. Two current Under 20's players, Louis King and Luca Molnar, were also given the chance to showcase their talents, adding to the already impressive number of academy graduates in the team and playing on the night.

Christchurch United's commitment to youth development has been a cornerstone of the club's success for many years. One of the programmes being a weekly technification session every Monday focusing on developing the technical skills of young players, while also instilling the values of teamwork, dedication, and hard work.

The success of the academy programme is evident in the number of players who have gone on to achieve success in their careers. The club currently has 5 players within New Zealand youth age squads, as well as many alumni now playing professionally abroad.

The club's commitment to youth development is not just limited to its academy programme. Christchurch United also has a thriving grassroots programme called FUNino catered for the U4 to U8s, which provides opportunities for young players to develop their skills and love for the game from a young age. This focus on youth development is creating a culture of success at Christchurch United, with a constant stream of talented players coming through the ranks.

Last night's victory was a testament to the quality of the academy programme and the commitment of the club to developing young talent. It was a proud moment for Christchurch United, as it showcased the talent of its academy graduates and the success of its youth development philosophy. The club will undoubtedly continue to produce talented players who will go on to achieve great things in their careers, both on and off the pitch.