FUNino U4 - U8 Unlimited Play Programme

We are excited to announce a new pricing structure of our FUNino U4 - U8 Football Programme. As a part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best experience for players, we are implementing a new pricing model that we believe will greatly benefit both the participants and the programme as a whole.

Effective from 17th July (First day of Term 3),we will be transitioning to a flat rate of $125 per term for unlimited sessions per week.

By offering unlimited sessions per week, we aim to provide a more comprehensive and immersive experience that allows players to enhance their skills, build teamwork, and have even more fun on the field. This new pricing structure will empower your child to attend as many sessions as they desire including Saturday game days, ensuring that they receive ample practice time and exposure to various drills, techniques, and game scenarios. With increased access to our coaching staff and additional training opportunities, aid with the football homework given out at the start of term, with your child having a greater chance to excel in their football journey.

The flat rate eliminates any concerns about additional costs for multiple sessions, ensuring that you receive the best value for your investment.

$125 Per Term is the equivalent of:

$12.50 per session for one session per week
$6.25 per session for two sessions per week
$4.17 per session for three sessions per week
$3.13 per session for four sessions per week
$2.50 per session for five sessions per week
$2.08 per session for six sessions per week

We believe that this flat rate model will contribute to the overall growth and success of the FUNino U4 - U8 Football Programme. We are confident that players will benefit from the increased training sessions and the chance to progress at their own pace. Our dedicated coaching staff will continue to provide top instruction, guidance, and support to help your child thrive on the field.