Michiel's Memo

Let me take you back a week ago. Monday, March 16. During the meeting we were still preparing for all kinds of different exchanges, tournaments, trainings and the upcoming league. Fortunately with our many European connections we were also aware of what was happening all over the world. The topic we discussed was about what we would do if New Zealand also would be heavily affected by the current events.
When we received the message on Wednesday from New Zealand Football that all football should be postponed until May 2nd we were ready to launch our online program for the U4 to U19 the next day. On Thursday we started with the first workshop for our U13-19 and the first skill challenges (to be found on our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram). You can upload your videos still on Instagram: @christchurchunitedfc. We had 60 of our academy players who could follow our football based workshop from home in order to keep their development going.
At the moment we have a weekly schedule for the U13-19 to follow with 3 workshops (lifestyle, mental skills, football) and 3 video analysis (team, line and position). So every day the U13-19 can be developed. Besides that this week we will start with the weekly U9-12 workshops (football) on Tuesday and Thursday. The U9-12 can also join into the Saturday fun program we have setup for the older age groups.
For the whole academy (U4-19) there will be weekly challenges when it comes to skills (5 a week) in order to keep on practicing. You can upload your videos on Instagram: @christchurchunitedfc so everyone can have a look at your fabulous skills you are going to develop in the next couple of weeks. At these times we won’t be able to meet and train together but from a distance and through online communication we are able to do a lot.
The content of our workshops, video analysis and home training will be very beneficial for everybody who will be connected to Christchurch United in the upcoming period.