Player Pathway
Huge congratulations to Christchurch United academy graduate Oscar Obel-Hall as Danish second-tier club Esbjerg fB has extended the agreement with him, and the 19-year-old striker former Christchurch United player will be promoted to the first team squad at the same time.

Obel-Hall joined Esbjerg fB in 2020 from Christchurch United FC, and has played in the best youth teams in recent years.

Oscar was one of the founding players when Christchurch Football Academy was formed in 2014, he played through all the age groups and made his debut in senior men’s football for Christchurch United as 15-year-old, coming off the bench in a Chatham Cup tie, and made a handful of appearances for in the Mainland Premier League.

Head coach Lars "Lungi" Sørensen knows the striker intimately, and is looking forward to working with him in the first team. Oscar Obel-Hall is a physically strong striker who also possesses fine technique. At the same time, Oscar has a very good understanding of the game, which he uses wisely to put himself in advantageous positions in and around the opponents' field. He has some top skills that you don't see combined in all strikers, and we look forward to working with him further at senior level. I believe we can take further steps in the right direction.

Obel-Hall, who speaks English but understands Danish, is happy to stay in EfB.
"I am grateful to have signed a new contract with EfB, because I am very comfortable here. The start in Esbjerg was tough because there was Covid-19 and I was far away from home, but I was helped to get started by my teammates and everyone in the club, so that made it easier for me, and now we are standing here in front of a new season start. I believe in a good season, because there are many talented players, and personally my next goal is to debut in the first team and play at the Blue Water Arena in front of all the spectators, says the striker"

Oscar Obel-Hall also got playing time on New Zealand's U20 national team in February 2023.