Eliminate Excuses

Eliminate Excuses

"He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else." - Benjamin Franklin.

Perhaps you have an excuse suggesting that your kids cannot possibly accomplish X, because they are merely Y. In your town, there are too few resources. In your club, there are too many barriers. On your team, there is not enough talent.

I can tell you there is an excuse for every part of the world. I have been fortunate to work with coaches worldwide, from humble clubs to the world’s best. There are remarkable coaches everywhere and at every level.

However, I have also been warned by at least one coach in each region that success was not an option. In Canada, it was too cold. In South Africa, it was too hot. In Costa Rica, it was too remote. You get the picture.

There are no shortages of justifications to lower expectations. You will hear them everywhere. The question is whether you choose to find excuses or find solutions.*

If your players lack knowledge, teach them. If you kids lack understanding, guide them. If your athletes lack motivation, challenge them.

Every child I have had the honor to coach from Christchurch to California, from prestigious colleges to marginalized communities wants to be part of something noble, positive, and dynamic. Something bigger than themselves. Something inspiring.

So consider giving players credit for what they CAN do. No excuses. Every child has a baseline. So be it. Build from there. But build don’t blame.

Shed excuses and share your passion. Drive forward. Energetically with purpose.

You may just be surprised by the child before you. You just may amaze yourself as you shape potential into power.

(*Excerpt from Clear Coaching by Todd Beane)