Club Academy
In the vibrant and diverse city of Christchurch, every Saturday morning 1000's of young sport players come together and play in football games taking learnings from the weeks training sessions. Of course goals scored, perfect passing, last ditch tackles and fantastic saves are all part of the Saturday experience, but clubs are also using the hidden learnings of togetherness, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among its players and supporters.

In todays Pre-Academy game between Christchurch United U10 Navy and Halswell United U10 at Westlake Reserve, the Christchurch United's goalkeeper, Aaroun Maaroufe, displayed exceptional dedication and made incredible saves (his photo shows just how much dedication was involved). His outstanding performance not only impressed the home team but also earned him the coveted player of the day award from the opposing team, Halswell United. This heartwarming display of unity and sportsmanship highlights the core principles that have both clubs work together so well.

Unity on the Field:
Aaroun Maaroufe demonstrated unwavering commitment to his role, fearlessly throwing himself into every challenge and making some extraordinary saves. His courageous and selfless performance epitomized the unity and resilience of the entire team, who rallied together in their pursuit of victory.

Acknowledgment from Halswell United:
One of the most extraordinary aspects of the game was the acknowledgment Aaroun received from the opposing team, Halswell United. Despite competing fiercely on the field, the spirit of unity and respect prevailed. Halswell United recognized Aaroun's exceptional performance and awarded him the player of the day title. This gesture not only symbolizes the sportsmanship inherent in the game, but also reflects the deep sense of unity and respect that both clubs foster among its players and competitors.

Unity: The Core Value of Christchurch United:
Unity lies at the heart of Christchurch United Football Club. It is the guiding principle that drives the club's success on and off the field. By nurturing a strong sense of togetherness, the club creates an environment where every player feels valued and supported. This unity enables the players to push their boundaries, overcome challenges, and achieve extraordinary feats. The recognition bestowed upon Aaroun Maaroufe by Halswell United demonstrates that unity extends beyond the boundaries of a single team, fostering positive relationships and sportsmanship among rival clubs as well. This follows another of our core values RESPECT