Christchurch United & SignBiz

Following Christchurch United's Southern League Title Victory on Saturday we sat down with our Main Shirt Sponsor Jim Coe from SignBiz for a short interview about his ongoing support for the club. 

  • Why did you choose to sponsor Christchurch United FC as opposed to another club?

When looking for any partnership in sponsorship we look for organisations that are passionate, progressive, and ambitious in making a difference in the local community. Christchurch United is a very good fit for all these attributes.

  • What benefit have you seen for the business from the Christchurch United sponsorship?

Sponsorship is often hard to gauge in value, Internally at Signbiz, our passionate team finds value in watching Christchurch United developing on and off the field as a club. Take club politics out of football and there are some stand-up humans playing on the field working as one team to get a result each week which very much relates to our Signbiz team day to day. Externally the sponsorship has offered great network connections for the business and excellent brand awareness.

  • What is your connection to Football and what do you love most about the game?

My connection to football is my kids play, I was very much rugby-focused with my blinkers on until several years ago when my oldest switched to football. Now that I’m here I realise what a fantastic sport it is and how many age groups it reaches in the community. I love that it teaches youth about teamwork, kids step up each week for each other while building lifelong friendships. Every game win or lose has lessons to be learned by players, coaches, and parents, development grows from these experiences which can be used on and off the field. I believe football is a great pathway to making great people in our communities.