Queen's Birthday Football Festival Winners


Daniel Kornilov & Jackson Lock led the prizegiving ceremony on conclusion of Day 1 Queen's Birthday Football Festival 2021.

We concluded the day with our prizegiving with some great prizes
including team MVP Top Goal Scorer and also medals for 1st 2nd and 3rd places.

Congratulations to U10 winners:

U10 Champion Team - Cash City
U10 Second Place Team - Brad Stone

U10 Golden Boot - Arlo (Cash City)
U10 Most Valuable Player - Levi (Cash City)

Congratulations to U11 winners:

U11 Champion Team - SASFC2
U11 Second Place Team - SASFC1
U11 Third Place Team - Top Tekkers

U11 Golden Boot - Lewis (SASFC2)
U11 Most Valuable Player - Tyler (SASFC2)

Congratulations to U12 winners:

U12 Champion Team - Manchestor Lewnited
U12 Second Place Team - Matadors
U12 Third Place Team - Ben Davis

U12 Golden Boot - Jack (Manchestor Lewnited)
U12 Most Valuable Player - Dylan (Manchestor Lewnited)

We are already looking forward to next year where we hope to grow the tournament and see more teams involved.

Thanks to all our participants, we hope you had a great day here at CUFC and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

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