Michiel's memo:October

The South Island Tournaments at the end of Term 3 have been a great experience for me. Visiting so many places and watching so many teams play over the South Island is very nice. The team I coach for the last couple of weeks went down to Dunedin to play their tournament. Well prepared by former coaches the U14 showed some football in a style that I enjoy which they can be very proud of but more importantly they showed some great behaviour.

The values our team communicated through that behaviour is something that I’m most proud of representing Christchurch United FC. My visits to Blenheim and Queenstown with our U12 and U13 team were very valuable to me since I could experience that all the Christchurch United FC teams really represented our club well. The way the U12 and U13 played and how well they treated everyone we met during our trip is something that deserves a big compliment.

Speaking about that, being with Christchurch United FC for Term 3 has been very useful. The end of winter season has given me a lot of information. Parents, coaches, players and other people were very helpful in providing me insights about the way things have been going and I really liked the passion of football that all the people I spoke to share with me.

Observations in Term 3 are leading to some action in Term 4. The values of the club are an important part of our approach during Term 4, we are about to teach our values through the beautiful sport of football. In order to do so we are going to need all the help we can get to develop all the players that are connected to our club. Our values should be connected to the way we behave, the way we train and the way we treat each other at the club.

We strive to develop our players to become better football players and along the way we want them to create an environment that will lead to human development in general. In order to teach values through sports it is important to create that environment that will give our players the opportunity to grow. One of our values is responsibility, in order to be responsible you need space. Space to make your own decisions to be responsible for. In sports that translates into the freedom of making decisions within the game, in football there are many decisions to take, if we can give our players the freedom and space to do it themselves we will give them an opportunity to grow as a human being.

Term 4 is the start of Summer season. Summer season is a great time to improve as a player, a coach and a club. For me as a development minded coach I’d like to help our players and coaches to take the next step in their development during Term 4. To name a couple of things that will have our attention in Term 4: we will focus on the coach development by hosting an internal coaching course in Term 4, in order to help developing the players even more I will be on the field with the Academy Program and the Development Program at least once a week, we will launch our Technification program and as a club (players, coaches, parents) we will learn more about our values that are connected to what we do on (and off) the field.

I’m looking forward to see you all at our great facility during Term 4!