Club Academy Christchurch International Cup
9 days and countless hours later, our team made this CIC 2021 an event many will remember.

Special thank you to our interns, Jackson and Matt, who stayed with us for all nine days and were score keepers and dedicated helpers. We were lucky to have you here for CIC 2021.

Extra special thank you for Deb Foord, our Office Administrator, who filled in many positions during these 9 days and have been instrumental to the success of CIC running smoothly, providing massive support to the team.

Daniel Kornilov, our Tournament Director (amongst many other jobs) who successfully led and supported our team of referees, performing at a professional level and being complimented by players and coaches. 

Sheree Lapslie, our new General Manager who has been instrumental to massive success of CIC 2021, providing leadership and support, efficiently solving challenges of the day. 

Alongside massive effort and demanding timeframes to support CIC, Sheree and Deb who found time and energy to run Club's day-to-day operation, preparing to Term 3, organising team trips, and many other necessary day-to-day activities, which is highly appreciated.

We continue to receive fantastic feedback. Feedback which continues to come to the office confirms the feeling that the team did a great job.

Here is just a handful of Feedback we received so far from coaches and Managers of teams which came to CIC from across the country:

Hello Sheree, Deb and all others involved in CIC.

On behalf of Onslow Tui and the OJFC, I would like to say a big thank you to you all!
What a well run, amazing tournament! From the set up to games and prize giving it was so smoothly run. All the parents loved it but most of all the boys enjoyed it!

Playing SAS FC in the pool round was great but having them in the final and making it so tough was even better!

We will definitely be back next year to defend our title!

Speaking of which, we love to know asap when the dates for next year and when registrations will be, so we can plan accordingly. As you could imagine coming down from Wellington can be a bit of a logistical nightmare, and the team was spread out over Christchurch, where we would like to be able to book in earlier and stay closer together as a team. 

Anyway, again thanks for a great week of football!

Kind regards
Akio Shigeeda
(Onslow Tui Manager)

Thanks Sheree. Wanaka AFC had a great time, and would love to come back again next year.

Will wait to get the survey to give full feedback.



Firstly, well run, timing of the games was good in regard to player load management.
Good for our players to play other players than they normally would, different styles and different conditions. I think it is more about developing and the new experiences for our players over getting to the final. I think our players have done the club proud. This is our second time at the tournament and we look forward to coming back. The experience the tournament provides will stay with the players and the team. It is refreshing to not play their normal opposition.

Western Springs – Maurie Wasi

Really well run tournament. Quality of the facilities, professionalism enables great football to be played. Great representation of teams from all over the country means teams are challenged in different ways and as players/coaches it brings an element of surprise. The little touches of in house referee’s, walking out onto the pitch, no parents on the sidelines all add to the great feel of the 3 days.

Onslow – matt Donn club president
Justin Snarski club captain

Just a quick message to say a massive thank you to you and the team at
Christchurch United for the amazing time at tournament.
Our kids had a absolute blast and will cherish the memories made.
I would just like to give a big shout out to Waimak United. The day after
our game against them, two of their players came to our tent and gave us
some goodies to share around the team. They said we were such good sports
even though we were having a tough time and losing our games.

The two boys that came were very gracious and made our teams day.
It definitely perked them up for their last day.

West End Kingz AFC