U4 - U8 FUNiño is back!


Our U4s - U8s will be kicking off for the 2023 season from Monday 30th January 2023!

We are so looking forward to having players back at United Sports Centre

Our FUNiño U4-U8 programme provides a great variety of progressive games and exercises enabling children to develop their skills step-by-step.

The program offers a series of 26 games. The games are professionally developed based on an age-wise guide. The main focus is not only to learn techniques but also to stimulate creativity, critical thinking and game intelligence.

Coaches encourage the active participation of all children which helps to improve interpersonal skills alongside communication skills as is vital in all aspects of a child’s life.

You can sign up for our U4-U8 Program at ANY time of the year, no matter the season! Learn all about the program here:

Got a question about the programme?

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