CIC 2021 Word to all Players from Club President

Academy Christchurch International Cup
To all our teams participating in the 6th Christchurch International Cup 2021.

You trained hard, you prepared well.
Now is your time to have fun playing the game you love.

Being part of CIC 2021 is a big step in your development as a player. This is a great opportunity to learn from many other players and from your own experience participating in bigger tournament.

As much as winning is important, what you do when you loose and how you take it is extremely important too.

Above all, this is time to create memories and experience football at its best. Some of NZ's best teams are participating in this tournament, so every game will demand your full participation and presence. Go for it.

On behalf of the club and me personally, we wish the best team to win!
Enjoy the game!
Be the best!
Slava Meyn
Club President