Christchurch United teams looking to close up the season on a high

With only three more games to go, the Christchurch United teams were looking to get a good result in yesterday. With spring on it’s way it was a fantastic day for football in Christchurch.

Under 9

Christchurch United Gold 3 — 1 HU SkyhawksThe team had a tough day at the office, with the Skyhawks giving the boys a hard time to score goals. The first half saw two goals, one from both sides, which saw the teams going into the half-time break. Ryan being goalkeeper in the first half, coming on as a midfielder in the second half, changed the game by helping the team play higher up the pitch and scoring two great goals.

Player of the Day: Ryan

Christchurch United Black 7 — 3 Hornby United
Christchurch United Rams 3 — 1 HU Vampires

Today we went up against the Halswell vampires. Last time we played this team we went down 12−7. We were determined to show them how much we had improved over the weeks. Ryusei had a great first half in goal keeping them scoreless. The rest of the team passed well and set up some good opportunities. Eliza scored a great left foot goal to go 1 nil up. It was hot out there so we were rotating often, plenty of oranges on the side line for refuelling while off. Eli then scored his first goal this season after being so close many times. Half time we were 2 nil up.

Ryusei stayed in goal after having a great first half in there. We battled hard in the second, they were faster but we passed better. Eliza scoring her 2nd for the game. During a corner we were unlucky with an own goal. Very proud of the way the whole team played today, it was hot out there but they didn’t stop.

Player of the Day: Zana

Under 10

Christchurch United Blue 3 — 2 CTFC BlueChristchurch United Gold 3 — 2 Selwyn BlackChristchurch United Red 0 — 2 Nomads Cheetahs

Today we had a hard game against Nomads who are a solid team, who were stronger than us and also a year or two older than our players. Our boys had the chance to compete against a very tidy team on a gorgeous sunny day and they showed they can play in any conditions. Today we learnt that the ball sometimes does not go where we want the ball to go when we play in another field that is not at Christchurch Football Centre, therefore we must kick the ball harder when we are passing the ball.

Once again we had our chances but we could not convert due a very good goalkeeper who is also trained by our coach Lew on Fridays. I can not wait to see our children playing with the same age group as them next year.

Player of the day: Zack Newman

Christchurch United Black 0 — 4 Ferrymead Torpedoes

Our boys played well but found the length of the pitch tiring in the heat

and with no subs. They trailed 3−0 at halve time and eventually lost 4−0 with the only 2nd halve goal being conceded in the last minute.

Player of the Day: Ryder

Christchurch United Rams 1 — 4 Nomads Lynx

The Rams made a slow start resulting in two early goals to the Lynx, and only a good save by Jacob Cosslett prevented it being 3−0 after 5 mins. The Rams didn’t let their heads drop and started to play as a unit resulting in a nice goal to Lachlan Timlin (assist from Bailey Dawson-Hefford) after 10 min.

The remainder of the first and the second half was very even. The Rams created a number of good chances particularly following strong runs down the right by Laclan Timlin, however we were unable to make the most of these with many of our shots off target today. Despite hard work from the midfield and a better defensive effort the Lynx scored two more goals in the second half to take the game 4−1.

Player of the Day: Alex Wilton. Players Player of the Day: Lachlan Timlin

Goals: Lachlan Timlin

Under 11

Christchurch United Blue 3 — 2 Nomads BlueChristchurch United White 4 — 1 CTFC Green
Monumental effort by the team today — it was a huge slog, to keep running through the bog you played on today. A special thank you to the midfield players (Josh, Callum, Leon & Bobby) — these players were the ones that covered so much territory. Lots of unselfish running — you may not realize it but you continually put the opposition under pressure, which helps your defenders & goalkeeper. The game gets won from your unselfish running.

Player of the Day: Waisea & Josh.

Under 12

Christchurch United Blue 6 — 1 FC TWENTY11Christchurch United White 6 — 1 HU HawksChristchurch United Gold 1 — 0 HU Force
Christchurch United Rams 0 — 3 Selwyn Black

An exciting game of football against an excellent Selwyn side. A number of the players had some of their best games today especially Ethan, our goalie, who kept us in the game right till the end.

Player of the Day: Ethan Searle

Under 13
Christchurch United Academy 1 — 4 Nomads United
Christchurch United White 2 — 5 HU Hawks

Under 14

Christchurch United White 1 — 0 Waimak BlackIn some what hotter condition than we have had we again played Waimak for 2nd week running. Last weeks game was spirited and this week was going to be the same.

We started with a slightly altered lineup with John Oakman up front creating pressure with high line speed both on and off the ball. From kick of both teams were right into it with Chch united having more of the ball but not so territory. Like last week we created some chances during the half but most were from distance and went wide. The best opportunity went to Waimak and Jak in goal made a great save to keep it level.

At half time there were 2 changes to personal and a couple position changes and we became more dominant in territory like last week, however waimak always looked dangerous on the break with speed up front and long balls a plenty. Opportunities were still limited but we did manage to keep them pinned back and were able to get in behind regularly. With the pressure on from us the game deteriated somewhat as the opposition became aggressive in the tackle and verbally. We did manage early onto get a ball through to Jason to score the only game of the season. While we were not perfect in the aggressive nature of the game I am proud of the attitude of the boys to leave it on the field. Sadly the opposition did not.

Great result, season still a chance. Have a great weekend.

Christchurch United Rams 1 — 1 FC TWENTY11
Christchurch United Hawks 1 — 2 St. Bedes College

Under 17

Christchurch United Rams 1 — 1 Ferrymead A