The South Korean Youth Football Development Program, NimSEP, have joined CUFC throughout the week in training sessions and in-house matches: a great experience for both sets of players and coaches!

NimSEP will play against our CUFC U15’s on Friday evening and then all players U14-U17 will compete within a 9v9 round-robin tournament on Saturday morning.

CUFC continue to provide unique experiences for our members.

NimSEP Youth Football Development Program was established September 2016 in Busan by Charles Asante and Jason Shin. Our name is derived out of two parts, that illustrate the core of our company.

The first part is “Nim”, which is a strategy game between two players where you to try to win by making the other player take the last object from the table. The second part is “SEP”, which stands for someone else’s problem. This is a psychological effect where people choose to ignore an issue that may be in critical need of recognition.

So, NimSEP does not ignore you when you have a problem. Your problem, is our problem and we will create a strategy to solve it together.