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Soccer IQ

He does not have a high “Soccer IQ.”

Well, how do we expect him to have one at all if we do not train intelligence?

“Soccer IQ” is not bequeathed at birth. Intelligence in soccer is very similar to intelligence in other domains. It is acquired over time. It is acquired through purposeful exploration. It is forged through ambition, persistence, and patience.


Adept at seeing, choosing, and executing good decisions in context.

Soccer intelligence, seen a such, is a skill. And like all skills it can be taught. Unless we do not teach it at all.

Scan: Let me suggest that a player’s prowess is predicated upon vision. The ability to see the most pertinent variables in a complex environment is certainly a challenge. Scanning is a skill.

Choose: Choices determine the efficacy of performance. Sorting through variables to select the best option for the situation at hand is an arduous task. Having said that, it can be trained. Choosing is a skill. 

Do: The game requires an action and that action must be flawlessly executed. Players can hone their capacity to execute a decision with precision. Doing is a skill. 

Scan – Choose – Do. 

If a child does not have “Soccer IQ” that is on us. We are educators and our curriculum defines the learning journey. We cannot expect to emerge that which we do not teach. 

Intelligence requires intelligent training. 

Let’s get on that today. 

Reprinted with kind permission from Todd Beane - Founder of TOVO Training and TOVO Academy Barcelona.

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