Hugo Debenham

Full Name: Hugo Debenham

When you started at Christchurch United: 2015

Preferred Position: Striker

Hobbies: music

How’d you begin your football journey, and why did you choose football?
I started playing rugby when I was quite young, and then I did gymnastics with two players from Christchurch United. They invited me to come to open training, and I never left after that! I was pretty much hooked from the very beginning.

How long have you been with Christchurch United?
I’ve been here since 2015, so six years now.

What’s your first significant memory with Christchurch United?
Probably when the turf was first built, and we had a little tournament to celebrate. I remember when we had the cameras filming us as we were running onto the pitch: seeing myself on the big screen was pretty cool!

What’s been the highlight of your time at Christchurch United so far? 
Scoring the winner when we went to Western Springs to play Melville. We had to win that game to get through to the next stage, and at one point we were down 2-0. I scored the winner to put us at 3-2.

You’ve seen a lot of change at Christchurch United during your time here. What’s been the most significant change for you?
I reckon the development of the players around me, as well as my own development. The levels just lifted super high for us and looking back over things long-term made me aware of just how much we’ve all improved.

What was your most memorable game with Christchurch United and why?
It’d probably have to be the Christchurch International Cup against Dunedin Technical. It was a 2-2 draw at full time which took us to penalties, which we won something like 6-5 in the end. And yes, I did score mine!

Finally, what motivates you as a player?
I want to be the best player that I can be, and that’s what I’m striving for every day.