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The Unicorn Commitment

I asked Tali what I should write about for TOVO Tuesday.


Of course, what soccer newsletter would this be without unicorns.

“They can be violet, purple, pink, and white,” she continued. Fair enough. Those colors work for me. Afterall Inter Miami is marketing pink perfectly. 

I needed a bit more however, so I asked for more detail.

“They can give you anything. They can do anything.”

Aaah, now that does sound appealing.

I then asked her what she could do for the unicorn.

“I clean its stall.”

Done deal. I get it.

There is an exchange in soccer as there is with unicorns. A win-win.

The team will give you everything you need. From the coach you will receive advocacy and instruction. From your peers you will receive friendship and support. From parents you will receive love and opportunity.

Love, friendship, advocacy, and opportunity. That’s a pretty good deal. Very unicorn-esque, I might add.

How often do we ask a player what magic they bring?

Do you bring your best self?

Do you bring positive energy?

Do you bring hugs, handshakes, and high fives?

When we begin to speak with our athletes at young ages about what they bring to the unicorn party, we send a message that they are amazing creatures capable of giving so many things and capable of accomplishing anything.

Maybe we need a few more unicorns among us.

I think little Tali would agree.

Reprinted with kind permission from Todd Beane
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