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Energy and Advocacy

Bring it on. 

I am at Lake Tahoe in California this morning preparing for another day on the field with a remarkable group of teenagers.

My coaching colleagues are absolutely brilliant and wonderful people. 

Thus, I am inspired to share a simple message. 

Energy and advocacy. 

I need to bring that today. 

My players need that today. 

Good things will happen today and I cannot wait to celebrate every positive deed and action. . 

Forget for a moment about ball control, position play, and the challenges to find and exploit space. Important? Yes. Most important? No. 

Today I am bringing energy and advocacy. 

Energy. I am thrilled to do what I do and I want every child to know that I am blessed to be with them today. 

Advocacy. I am their biggest fan as they take on the challenges of being a footballer and a friend. 

It is going to be an amazing day because we are playing a game we love with the people we admire. 

Energy and advocacy. 

Todd Beane