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The Child Before Us

I’m not writing a TOVO Tuesday article. 

Obviously that is not true given you are reading one now so let me explain. 

I have 40 children in my charge while I have a deadline for this piece. I just walked about our TOVO Lake Tahoe campus looking for a quiet place to craft this blog. 

I found children playing billiards and joined the banter. 

I found six playing soccer tennis in the parking lot. 

Four shooting hoops. 

Two doing laundry. 

I found one playing piano so I stopped to listen and one taking a nap so I stopped in silence. 

I made a choice. 

I made a choice to abandon distant readers to be present for the child before me. One artist, one athlete, one musician at a time. I chose to listen, to lean in, and to learn. 

And thus I wondered how many times have I prioritized a distant duty when the child before me needed me most. 

I will not make that mistake today. 

My apologies dear readers. 

A child stands before me. 

Until next Tuesday, then. 

Reprinted with kind permission from Todd Beane
Founder of TOVO Training and TOVO Academy Barcelona. In TOVO Training, Beane has combined proven pedagogical practices of experts in the field of education with the visionary components of a total football legend into a dynamic and practical training methodology.
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