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Method and Movement

"This is how we do things here."

That is a powerful statement in and of itself. How we do things. Imagine a ‘how’ so closely aligned with a ‘why’ that it breathes deeply. Imagine showing up to training to sense the sensational. Clarity, coherency, and consistency. Imagine a football academy scripting experiences to promote learning and joy. 

Not easy to imagine. Perhaps, even more difficult to execute.

Method: a way of doing something

A new way of doing things has inspired our origin. Could we create a way to maximize the potential of every child in our charge effectively and efficiently? Could we do so with joy? Could we bring forth the best in one another as footballers, coaches and global citizens? 

Not an easy task. Perhaps even more difficult to execute. 

And then something happened on the way to ‘how.’ A message took root. Our ‘how’ appealed to many. Our “way of doing something” resonated with coaches from Christchurch to California. Somewhere between our initial intentions and last Friday, a method became a movement

Movement: Activities of a body of persons

I am not sure where we go from here to be honest. I have never triggered a movement before. In many ways a method is much more manageable. I can document a method, explain it, and put ideas into action. Scribbles on a napkin become diagrams and tenets. But a movement? 

What I do know is that last Friday something changed between tapas and testimonials. A closing ceremony opened up a possibility. A coaching course evolved into a commitment.

If we stay connected. If we care. If we are ruthlessly patient and powerfully kind, we win. If we shift the currents that flow against sanity in youth sports, our children win. Perhaps we are overly romantic. Perhaps we are naively idealistic. Perhaps we are foolishly passionate. 

We can live with that. 

What we can also live with are the handshakes, high fives, and hugs.

A TOVO movement?

Not an easy task. Perhaps even more difficult to execute.

But, I’m all in.

Reprinted with kind permission from Todd Beane

Founder of TOVO Training and TOVO Academy Barcelona. In TOVO Training, Beane has combined proven pedagogical practices of experts in the field of education with the visionary components of a total football legend into a dynamic and practical training methodology.

Christchurch United FC is rethinking Talent Development with TOVO Academy Barcelona which is regarded the best holistic program in Europe for players aiming to excel in football and beyond.

"Training extraordinary educators and crazy good coaches." - Todd Beane

Todd Beane