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How to be Intelligent

I think we all prefer to be a bit more intelligent, no? 

But how?

I’ve made a point to collaborate with positive and proactive people. Ridding my twitter feed of trolls and curmudgeons has helped. I have also made a point to devour wisdom in digestible bits. There are some remarkable people among us working their magic and speaking their truth.
I am creating a list of the way thought leaders operate and the way they approach the endeavours that inspire them.

I would like to share a few notes with you. There is more to come, but it may be worth starting here. 

Number 1: Do not do the heavy lifting. 

Intelligent people have already done that for us. We just need to take the time to study history, view the art, hear the music, and dance the routines. So many amazing people have spent lifetimes through the ages to advance the cause. Do not start from zero. Pick up where your predecessors left off. 

Number 2: Enjoy your freedom.

Respecting the contributions of those before us does not tether us to their limitations. Their journey is tied to the cultural framework of the past. We can study the masters and explore mastery on our own. Take the liberty to reject, rejuvenate, and restructure ideas. Take the liberty to play beyond the restrictions of the present. Create in some shape or form by jumping in the sandbox and making a mess.

Number 3: Be confident in your uncertainty. 

Nobody has it figured out entirely. The wisest know that what they know pales in comparison to what they do not. They wrestle within even when they seem so controlled without. Question your own ideas and the very concept of certainty. Be comfortable with your fallibility and drive forward despite your doubts.

The list continues…

Reprinted with kind permission from Todd Beane
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