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Are You Skillfull

I guess that depends upon what you consider skill.

Consider the following assertion.

"Skill involves interpreting the needs of the situation and making the right decisions as well as carrying out the necessary movements. In games, decision-making is a vital part of skill." (Knapp, 1963 referenced by Ovens, Smith)

Or the following idea, by Ovens and Smith, that skill is a combination of...

1. Technical competence
2. Performance outcome
3. Perceptiveness of environment
4. Appropriateness of tactics and strategy
5. Adaptability and/or creativity 

Are you skillful now? 

A bit more daunting to answer. 

You know this. 

You understand that you do not act in utter isolation. You are a complex creature in a complex environment. You negotiate your way through the challenges of your personal and professional life on a daily basis.

So do your students, your athletes, and our children.

Perhaps the way you define skill will be the way your athletes define themselves. 
Todd Beane