Matthew Duncan

Full Name: Matthew Jack Duncan

When you started at Christchurch United: 2014

Preferred Position: CB

Hobbies: Hanging out with Friends, Water sports and playing games and watching sports

How’d you begin your football journey, and why did you choose football?
My parents had a big influence on how I started, and they started to encourage me to play football when I was about five years old. They thought it was the best way to get me involved in sport, so that’s how I started, and I’ve stuck it out ever since!

How long have you been with Christchurch United?
I’ve been here since it started so that must be about seven or eight years ago now.

What’s your first significant memory with Christchurch United?
I remember the opening ceremony on the turf, and the first day that we came here when it was opened because I used to train with Daniel at his house. When the club was first created, we trained on the grass off to the side, so that’s got to be my first significant memory along with it first being broadcast on TV! That hadn’t happened to me before then, so that was quite a cool experience.

What’s been the highlight of your time at Christchurch United so far? 
It would have to be earlier this year during that Melville game that everyone else has talked about! We came back from 2-0 down to win 3-2, and I was playing centre back, so it was super important for me to help keep that lead.

You’ve seen a lot of change at Christchurch United during your time here. What’s been the most significant change for you?
For me it had to be the arrival of Michiel and Jude: they had a huge impact on me. The arrival of the turf as well was also a significant moment for me.

What was your most memorable game with Christchurch United and why?
The Melville game that I mentioned before, you never forget games like that!

Finally, what motivates you as a player?
It’s got to be the end goal, as well as how happy it makes me when I play. Football gives me self-confidence, and the joy of being able to keep the end goal in sight is quite a cool thing: it pushes me to keep going for it.