Thomas Chao

Full Name: Thomas Chao

When you started at Christchurch United: 2014

Preferred Position: Midfield

Hobbies: Football

How’d you begin your football journey, and why did you choose football?
I played a lot of football at school, and I’d also play before and after my gymnastics training. I really liked playing so I thought “why not” and decided to join a club!

How long have you been with Christchurch United?
Since it started, which must be about seven years.

What’s your first significant memory with Christchurch United?
Probably the first time I trained here, when it was over on the grass.

What’s been the highlight of your time at Christchurch United so far? 
There was a tournament called the Christchurch International Cup, and we won that on penalties, so that’s a great memory.

You’ve seen a lot of change at Christchurch United during your time here. What’s been the most significant change for you?
Two years ago, when Michiel came here, they changed a lot around the club, like how it works, and the overall professionalism of it was a big change.

What was your most memorable game with Christchurch United and why?
It’s got to be when we won that final of the Christchurch International Cup. The pressure of the penalties was hard to forget because I don’t really like taking penalties!

Finally, what motivates you as a player?
I really like football and the concepts of the game, how it’s played etc. I think about it a lot, and I feel like the harder you work, the better you get; plus, it’s a great feeling when you see the results first hand.