Frewen Watts

Full Name: Frewen Thomas Watts

When you started at Christchurch United: Started at CUFC at 2011,
then went to CFA in 2014 then the two clubs merged 2017.

Preferred Position: Goalkeeper

Hobbies: video games, learning Spanish

How’d you begin your football journey, and why did you choose football?
I started playing at Halswell in 2010 for the Under 6s, and I was always athletic: I liked to go out with my Mum and Dad to play football in the park and kick a ball around every day.

How long have you been with Christchurch United?
After I spent a year playing at Halswell, I moved to Christchurch United in 2011 and played for them for three years. After that I went to Christchurch Football Academy and played my games out on their grass pitch. In 2015 the academy merged with Christchurch United, so I went straight back to them!

What’s your first significant memory with Christchurch United?
I’d say training down at Spreydon Domain with all my mates we were always getting along. When I was playing for Spreydon Domain I remember scoring from a corner back when I was playing as a striker/winger.

What’s been the highlight of your time at Christchurch United so far? 
It’d have to be last year, when I made my second appearance for the first team. We were playing Nomads United AFC at Tullet Park, and I didn’t really expect to play at all. In the first fifteen minutes, the first team keeper got injured so I got told to get on in a rush! I managed to keep a clean sheet and we won 1-0, so that was a great memory.

You’ve seen a lot of change at Christchurch United during your time here. What’s been the most significant change for you?
It’s got to be the facilities and the coaching. I remembered lots of coaches coming in and giving us new styles of play, and different ways to make our game even better.

What was your most memorable game with Christchurch United and why?
Probably my first ever tournament win back in 2015, when we went over to Sydney for the Sydney International Cup. It was my first time overseas, and my first time in a proper tournament. We went up there and made it to the final, and then drew 4 – 4; when we went to penalties, I saved the first one and the other team missed their second, then we scored all of ours and we won!

Finally, what motivates you as a player?
My family, my coaches and my teammates. They always push me to do better and strive for the highest that I can in football.