Diego Lavin

Full Name: Diego Lavin

When you started at Christchurch United: 2014

Preferred Position: Left back/Midfielder/Winger

Hobbies: other than football are biking, playing the piano or using the
rubix cube, hanging out with mates, investing, watching tv.

How’d you begin your football journey, and why did you choose football?
I grew up in Spain, so football was pretty much everywhere, and my dad was a big fan too. I started playing at school and then I eventually came to this club, so football has always been a big part of my life.

How long have you been with Christchurch United?
I’ve been here since a year after it started, so 2014.

What’s your first significant memory with Christchurch United?
Playing small side games on those grass pitches was a lot of fun.

What’s been the highlight of your time at Christchurch United so far? 
The recent tournament we went to at Western Springs for sure. We learnt a lot and played a lot of good games: there was one against Melville that you’ve probably already heard when we came back to win 3-2.

You’ve seen a lot of change at Christchurch United during your time here. What’s been the most significant change for you?
I’d say the introduction of the artificial pitches, and there’s also been a lot of changes in coaching, like when Michiel came in. After that the whole team really improved, I think.

What was your most memorable game with Christchurch United and why?
It’s got to be the 3-2 against Melville. I played pretty well, I was the captain of that game and provided one of the assists for the goals. We all came together for that winning goal, so it’s a great memory.

Finally, what motivates you as a player?
Other than the fun, a lot of it is about how much you can learn about football, and how complex of a game it is.