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Christchurch United Academy
Player Development Program
We offer a structured, progressive and age specific holistic youth development program. A player centered approach to coaching and development - in contrast to a coach centered approach. Emphasise the need to give players autonomy inside and outside the game.

An all year round curriculum is divided into 4 terms which are based on the New Zealand school terms, with approximately 10 weeks in each term. 

To offer a dynamic, innovative, practical program that enhances the overall development of young people.
At Christchurch United we aim to help players to reach their full potential and goals through football.
Christchurch United Academy offers a Scholarship programme for the most talented players on an individual basis. Scholarship can cover the full or part of the Academy Programme cost.

An individual agreement and terms and conditions should be signed between the club and parents/caregivers of the player. If you are interested you may fill in the scholarship Application Form, which is available on request in the office.

Our Methodology Department will consider your submitted form and will evaluate the player, the personal situation and how the player fits in with the club values. After Approval of the Methodology Department, the documents of the scholarship will be handed in for the Board’s approval based on the budget of that year.
CUFC Academy Uniform Package
Christchurch United Football Academy has a comprehensive uniform package.

Getting a new complete Uniform Package every new season became a good CUFC Academy tradition.