‘Colin’s Corner’ – May 2019

Winning At All Costs!

What a start of the season this was! We have had a great month where our first team gives us the example what it’s all about, winning. There is a thin line between winning and developing, let us review.

The players that went with us to Valencia have experienced it. It is in the DNA of Spanish children. Free kicks where they delay our game by standing in front of the ball, making smart fouls to prevent us from counter attacking and taking quick throw ins and free kicks when we are not ready. Let’s learn from this.

We believe the best, need to be playing with the best, in one environment. Our belief is that Christchurch United offers that opportunity better than any other club. Why? Because we have the best facilities for all year-round training, the best coaches, and a development program based on world class principles and methods.

The kick-off of the season for the Academy teams was against Nomads United. We lost the U17 the U15 and the U14, the U13 drew. It is great to see that Nomads have got all their basics right and are able to compete more favourably in these age groups now. Not the ideal start to the season but many wins were achieved in the next two weeks.  We welcome all clubs that can challenge our players in games, so that they can develop.

Let’s hope that we have another great month where we are challenged.

A point to note

Remember when others may challenge us on social media or spread rumours, it is because we may be perceived as a threat to them or a standard above what they are able to achieve. 

This only makes us stronger.