Thank you, volunteers!

The season is well underway and weekly more than 400 members are enjoying the beautiful game.

This year we have had some challenges within the organisation which we all managed to solve. On the other hand, we have had great events, tournaments, and high quality games from First Team all the way down to the youngest. As we seek to improve what we are doing on a daily bases, we feel more and more trust from our members.

As an Academy Director for the club, I can be very thankful for having great committed staff members, who put a lot of effort in coordinating, coaching, and organising events. With the current organisational structure I am very confident we can lift the level of the experience of the game.

With the amount of tasks needed to be done within the club, we also rely on more and more volunteers. I would like to take on this opportunity to thank them all for the efforts they are making to support us in achieving our goals. The team managers in the first place are very important in making life easy for a coach. Current team managers take away tasks from the coach, so that he can focus on coaching.

As you have all seen, we have the best Facebook page in Christchurch. The main reason is because of the great pictures that Jim Watts puts on there weekly, amazing. The beautiful new uniform the academy players are wearing looks very cool. In order to distribute and keep track of stock and sales, we are very happy with Andrew Bennet. He has been spending more time in the container, then watching his son play.

Even the smaller jobs make us happy. In the U8 programme, we see some very talented coaches amongst the parents. Regularly these parents assist our coaches on the pitch, to make sure games can be played. We need some more support, so please contact Lew Gordon to make yourself known.

To coordinate all these priceless tasks, we are very happy with Nic Gidden helping us out. If you are willing to help, small task or big, please contact office@cufc.co.nz so that we can put you in contact with Nic.

As I began, we feel more and more trust from you in what we are trying to achieve together. Let’s all work towards being the best football club in New Zealand, but besides that have a great community with values we want our kids to grow up with.

We hope to see you all this Monday 2pm at Walter Park to watch our First Team take on Western in the Chatham Cup! Have a great weekend!

Colin Williamson – Academy Director