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Christchurch United Football Academy Advantages
Most striking and unique features of our Academy
Michiel Buursma, Head of Coaching & Methodology
over 15 years of international coaching experience

Christchurch United Football Academy Advantages

As our Head of Coaching & Methodology, Michiel Buursma’s connection to our Academy is one of the strongest at Christchurch United Football Club. With over 15 years of international coaching experience, Michiel knows a good system when he sees one; here are some of his thoughts as to what Christchurch United’s Academy can offer young players who want to take the next step on their footballing journey.
Michiel Buursma, Christchurch United Football Club’s Head of Coaching & Methodology
Football All Year Round
With our artificial turf being able to withstand all but the most extreme of weather, players can play football at Christchurch United throughout the entire year, with only two cancellations in the last two years! From morning until night, during rain, sleet, or frost, Christchurch United offers a footballing experience that runs through all four seasons.
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The Best Technology
After every game and practice session, our players can take advantage of some of the best technology available for football analysis, including Speedia, Smartabase, and Doublepass. Players have immediate access to footage and can send clips to their coaches to discuss what happened and obtain a deeper understanding of their game.
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Accessible Coaching
As Head of Coaching, Michiel keeps his finger on the pulse of how every coach interacts with their team and is proud to report a “very accessible” relationship between coaches and players. Clear and constant communication is the backbone of any successful football team, and this advantage is reflected through the strong bonds of trust between our players and coaches.
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Clear Club Philosophy
Whenever our players pull on the blue shirt, they know what they must do. Keeping our club values and training methodology close to their hearts every time they walk onto the pitch, our players, from all age groups, know that they want to play controlled and creative football. This philosophy runs through all aspects of our game, and we’re proud to see it come alive on the pitch.
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Positive Player Pathway
For Christchurch United, football is much more than a winter sport. Our player pathway has been developed to give our players the best opportunities for their footballing future, which starts at our youngest age group; FUNiño U4s – U8s. With every grade that our players advance through, they have direct access to our junior and senior teams, all the way up to the First Eleven and their coaches. By having these direct contacts in the higher grades, our player pathway allows our players to benefit from everything Christchurch United has to offer them, no matter how young they are!
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