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Christchurch United Football Academy Advantages
Most striking and unique features of our Academy
Sheree Lapslie, Club General Manager
12 years at Mainland Football - extensive knowledge on football in New Zealand - raised multiple talented footballers
Christchurch United Football Academy Advantages

After having spent 12 years at Mainland Football, there are few people with as much knowledge on football in New Zealand as Sheree Lapslie, Christchurch United Football Club’s General Manager. Having raised multiple talented footballers herself, Sheree’s knowledge of the game both as a parent and a career professional means that she knows a proper footballing haven when she sees one. Since she first began working at the club, Sheree has gained a unique perspective on our academy program, and what makes it an excellent choice to send your child.
Sheree Lapslie, Christchurch United Football Club’s General Manager
Players + Coaches = One Environment
New Zealand football clubs traditionally depend on volunteer coaches to train their teams, Christchurch United Football Academy employs a team of career professionals to manage and coach its teams.

Even though different individual coaches lead different teams, discussions regarding football philosophy, player development and welfare happen collaboratively.

This means that academy teams do not solely rely on the knowledge and expertise of a single coach for their development, which results in every player getting more attention and more opportunities to develop and hone their skills. Teams from different grades often interact with each other so that they can learn more.

Players from lower grades are encouraged to speak with coaches in charge of higher grades and vice-versa, so that every player can feel comfortable approaching any member of our coaching staff if they have a question or concern.
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Increased Consistency and Frequency of Trainings
Christchurch United Football Academy has an exceptional dedication to football and developing players.

Our coaches believe the best techniques and practices require consistency and frequency to be of greatest benefit to our players. That is why our academy players train regularly and more often than most other clubs in the South Island and New Zealand.

Not only does Christchurch United offer our players the opportunity to train five times per week but is in the unique position of being able to offer morning training to our most ambitious players. With our van being able to drop the kids off at school after their morning sessions, Christchurch United offers aspiring players the ability to integrate football into their lives to a level that no other club in the city provided. 
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Attention to Player Welfare
Taking care of players both on and off the pitch is something that we take very seriously.

Whilst not being a high contact sport, we know how much mental and physical stress can be involved in a high-intensity game of football.

Rather than try and avoid these, the team at Christchurch United focuses on helping players navigate these stressful times in their footballing journeys by providing top-class resources for physical and mental wellbeing both on and off the field.

Innovative technology like Spiideo and Smartabase help our players to immediately identify the source of their concerns and work directly with their coaches and teammates to help resolve it as quickly as possible. This technology also helps immensely with individual man management and helps players to develop skills on responsibility and self-discipline.
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Most Striking and Unique Feature is our Facilities
One of Christchurch United’s most striking and unique features is the two main artificial pitches that sit in the middle of our facility. These pitches are crucial to our club as they allow our players to play football in almost every condition barring an extreme weather event such as flooding.

In the past two years, we have only needed to cancel two games thanks to unusual cases of torrential rain. The standard bad weather is no match for our artificial fields however: an ingenious mix of materials make them highly resistant to football’s natural enemies of rain and frost, meaning football games that would normally be cancelled due to an unplayable field can continue without issue at Christchurch United.

Floodlights ensure that we are also able to play in such conditions late into the night, with just as high a quality as players would have playing in a professional European stadium.
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Football All Year Round
Thanks to our artificial pitches and close relationships with other clubs in the city, Christchurch United prides itself on the ability to provide games of football all year round, no matter the weather or season.

Our artificial pitches ensure that games are played regardless of how difficult the weather decides to be, and our facility often co-hosts competitions, such as the Compass Cup, outside of the winter season so that the teams are able to play competitive football all year round.

If teams happen to pull out of competitions for whatever reason, Christchurch United’s admin staff are quick to arrange an alternative game for the team to play, so that everyone goes home at the end of the day with their football fix.
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