T’s & C’s


Christchurch United is committed to the long-term development of junior and youth football players as well-rounded athletes and productive and respected citizens. Therefore, each player will be expected to follow the Christchurch United Code of Conduct and each Parent is expected to help enforce these principles.
· Love the game. Have Fun. Play to win.
· Learn the official Rules. Play by the rules.
· Don’t argue and abuse game officials, opponents and spectators.
· Accept victory and defeat with dignity.
· Players will shake hands with their opponents after each game.
· Respect teammates, coaches, Parents, game officials and opponents’ achievements.
· Cooperate with your coach, teammates and the opposition. Without them there is NO game.
· Always try to perform to the Best of your ability. This way, your Team will benefit from your effort.
· Promote the Code of Conduct to all.

Parents of Christchurch United players serve as important role models to their children and to all other children and Parents they may come into contact with at football grounds. Christchurch United expects each parent to agree to the following code-of-conduct principles.
· Agree to abide by the Code of Conduct.
· Christchurch United Parents will learn the rules of football and understand the game format for their child’s age group. (Rules and regulations)
· Remember that Children participate in SPORT for their enjoyment, not yours.
· Encourage children to participate and DO NOT force them. Leave the coaching to the coach.
· Encourage children to play by the Rules.
· Never yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a game.
· Respect teams, other Spectators and game officials and their decisions. Teach Children to do the same.
· Show appreciation for coaches and game officials.
· Remember Children learn by example.
· Creation of a safe environment for our children is absolutely paramount to our club.
· Our club does not accept any abusive behavior, verbally or physically, towards our players, coaches or any other person, and any abuse will be reported to the police.
· Christchurch United Parents will follow a 48-hour Rule before contacting coaches after a game.
· The code of conduct is applicable at our premises, as well as at any other locations where you or your child represent Christchurch United.
· Promote the Code of Conduct to all.


Payment method:
• Online, or in person via Credit Card, Eftpos, Cash.
• All payments to be made online, or in person at the office.
• Installments for payments can be discussed.

For Academy players (U9-U17), we offer the opportunity to pay fees in monthly installments. Payments will be charged in advance at the 1st of each month and are due on the 15th of each month.
Contributions towards uniform costs, video analysis and tournaments will be added to the installments, unless agreed differently.
By accepting a place in the Academy, a player commits to payment of the year fee, uniform and video analysis contribution, and selected tournament fees. Unless agreed differently, the membership runs for a full year, starting on the 1st January and ending on the 31st December.
The club will consider refunds based on one of the following criteria:
1. Injury/illness.
2. Change of work situation for parents; change of home situation.
3. Relocation.
A request for a refund needs to be addressed to the Board and put in writing to Malcolm Hinman: malcolm@cufc.co.nz.
• A pro rata credit will be provided if a player sustains a long-term injury for more than 3 months. In that case, we will require a medical certificate; we will refund fees paid after deducting sessions that the player has attended.
• If you cancel your registration before the programme starts, there will be a 20% cancellation fee.

Other payments
Payments for programmes, other than Academy programmes, need to be settled in full before start of the programme. The same payment methods apply.

Overdue accounts
Christchurch United has a clear policy on overdue accounts. When accounts are overdue for more than two months, Christchurch United will prevent/ban the player from training and playing games. Parents/players will be notified by e-mail. (Unless previous arrangement or payment of overdue account has been agreed)

Any player that signs up for one of the Academy programmes agrees to contribute a set fee towards the Academy uniform.
Players in Academy programmes must wear Academy uniforms at training sessions and game days. Other (sports) gear will not be accepted.
When the club agrees to work together with a sponsor for shirt sponsorship, the player accepts that his Academy gear can be printed with the sponsor’s logo(s).

Rules and Regulations
The Christchurch United Football Club will provide rules and regulations for players and parents for the team they are in. These rules will be focussed on contributing to develop youth football players to the highest level possible. Part of those rules might be that players will not receive any game time in one or more games. Coaches have the right to make these decisions based on the behaviour of the players. CUFC will not provide any refunds of fees due to missing games, when a player has misbehaved.

1. Christchurch Football Centre (All-year programme)
466 Yaldhurst Road, Russley
2. Spreydon Domain (Winter only)
Domain Terrace, Spreydon

General details of the programmes can be found on our website:


To protect the playing surface, maximize the life of each field, and avoid conflict between user groups, the Christchurch Football Centre (CFC) asks that every team, official, player, spectator, and parent be aware of the following rules and regulations for use of the artificial turf fields at CFC.

Coaches are responsible for the conduct and behaviour of players on the field and have a responsibility to manage their club’s spectators.

Obligations for Christchurch United FC as a tenant of the Christchurch Football Centre:

· The facility is available to rent for approved uses only. Casual use may be allowed, but only with written permission from CFC Management and is subject to charge.
· The CFC is open by arrangement with Management or 30 minutes before any Booking made. All vehicles must vacate CFC before 10:30 pm or be subject to a gate-opening fee.
· Facility users must not enter the field before their permitted time and should leave the field within 5 minutes after their rental time to allow transition between groups.
· Players, officials and coaches are permitted on the turf only if they are wearing suitable footwear as outlined below.
· All spectators and parents must stay outside the playing field area (i.e. outside the netted off and blue area, and preferably in the stand).
· CFC reserves the right to cancel any event or restrict access to the fields due to an emergency, severe weather, vandalism, poor playing conditions or due to damage that could cause safety concerns.
· Misrepresentation or unauthorised use automatically voids any agreements or use previously agreed.
· It is the responsibility of the hirer or their representative to follow the rules and regulations outlined in this document.
· The Customer shall not assign, sub-licence, charge, encumber or part with the use of any facilities or equipment without the prior written approval of CFC.
· The Customer shall not make any alterations or additions to any facilities or equipment (including the affixing of signs or advertisements to the exterior of any facilities) without the prior written approval of CFC. Such approval may be given on such conditions as CFC sees fit and CFC shall be entitled to require the Customer to reinstate the facilities or equipment at any time.
· The Customer shall not carry on or do anything on or in the facilities or with the equipment that would make void any policy of insurance over the facilities or equipment, or render any extra premium payable by CFC for such insurance and shall take out such insurance as is required by CFC in respect of the use of any facilities or equipment.
· The Customer shall indemnify CFC against all damage to any facilities or equipment or loss resulting from any act or omission on the part of the Customer, or its personnel or invitees and if required by CFC will recompense for all expenses incurred by CFC in making good any damage to any facilities, equipment or any other property (whether belonging to CFC or not).
· Hirers shall not use the facilities of CFC in a nuisance, noxious, illegal or offensive way that may disturb or annoy any neighboring properties.
· A deposit may be requested from the hirer to cover any damage; the deposit will be returned once the venue has been checked and cleared for any such occurrence.
· Emergency access must be preserved at all time and an emergency procedure is required to be provided to CFC before any event.

Food and beverages
· Only water in nonbreakable containers is permitted on the turf.
· No food is permitted on the turf, including gum, sunflower seeds, and nuts.
· No Food is permitted in the Stand area.
· All Rubbish must be removed from the field area and deposited in the rubbish bins provided; this includes all taping materials.
· No alcoholic Beverages are permitted inside the fenced/field area.

Turf care
To preserve our facilities, the following are prohibited within all playing field areas:

  • Only freestanding field markers and sports equipment may be used on the turf surface. No stakes, posts, poles, or markers of any kind may be driven into the turf surface (including flags, shade structures, tents, carts, umbrellas with spiked ends, or other spiked objects).
    · No unauthorized tents, chairs, or shade structures will be allowed on the turf surface.
    · Grills or other open cooking structures are prohibited.
    · Footwear on artificial turf must be moulded rubber cleats, turf shoes or running shoes. Metal cleats and screw-in plastic cleats are forbidden.
    · Glass bottles or containers.
    · Chalk or field paint.
    · Dogs or pets of any kind.
    · Tobacco products, smoking or open flames.
    · Golf playing.
    · Motorized vehicles or bicycles.
    · Chairs with four legs are only permitted on concrete.
    · All Footwear must be clean and mud free to preserve life of the turf.
    Goalposts and Sandbags
    · Always lift goalposts or use trolleys provided when moving them. Goalposts must NOT under any circumstances be dragged over the turf. All portable goals must be secured by weights before use. Dragging heavy items such as goals or other equipment across the athletic field may tear the field and puts undue pressure on backs and limbs. Please lift all equipment using WorkSafe guidelines. Do not move goals alone or allow small children to move them. Dropping the wheels is a 2-person job. Watch your fingers. If in doubt ask for assistance.
    · Climbing on goals or pulling on goal nets is prohibited.

These Rules are in effect always and apply to everyone using the field/s.

Please do not pick or pull grass fibres or infill materials on the field.

Inclement weather
· The artificial turf fields are open rain or shine.
· Instances of field closure due to storm conditions will be reported to facility users within 48 hours (or as soon as possible after a decision to close the facility is made). Staff will adjust contracts within five business days of the notice of closure.

Specific Use:
The only Authorized use without written permission is as follows:
· Soccer/Football.
· Gaelic Football.
· Touch Rugby.

CFC prohibits the following:
· Parking or driving vehicles on fields or other grassy areas, footpaths, or cycle tracks.
· Commercial activities including the collection of money, sale of food, drinks, services and merchandise without prior permission.
· Smoking is prohibited within the CFC area.
· Animals are prohibited within the CFC area.
· Display or distribution of advertising material without prior permission.
· Signs or banners without written approval from CFC.
· Filming or photography for a commercial purpose except with the written permission of CFC.
· Erection of structures such as tents, screens and awnings without prior approval.
· Public address systems and amplified music.
· Leaving rubbish, litter and other waste material in places other than in the facility’s rubbish bins/recycling stations.
· Use of insulting, threatening or indecent language.
· Offensive or indecent behaviour.
· Non-compliance with directions given by CFC, Police or any other authorized person.
· Damage to grass, trees, and other vegetation or wildlife.
· Damage to buildings, structures and equipment.

Any damage to the grounds or facilities being used must be detailed in writing and reported immediately to 021 626 559 or booking@cfcentre.co.nz . The cost of restoring the grounds, facilities and buildings will be charged to the hirer.

Cleaning of Facilities
Please clean up after your activity
1. You are responsible to leave the field clean and ready for the next user. When you are done, please inspect the field and remove anything left by your players or spectators, such as rubbish, athletic tape, or equipment. Be very careful to remove all mouth guards left by players (a biological hazard). Have your participants walk the field in a line at the end of their event to pick up any remaining rubbish or gear.
2. Cleaning spills and participant fluids: Spills of foreign substances should be removed as quickly as possible. Thoroughly rinse any cleaning attempts to avoid slippery areas that could result in injury. Contact the CFC office or ground staff for assistance if needed.
3. In the event that a user has left the fields without cleaning up or has allowed sunflower seeds and/or gum onto the field turf, a cleaning fee will be charged.

Hazardous Waste:
In the event of an accident or injury resulting in bodily fluids being spilled on the turf: STOP ALL ACTIVITY, CONTACT THE CFC OFFICE OR GROUND STAFF FOR PROPER CLEAN-UP. You may resume play once the hazardous area is cleaned up.

Other Notes:
· For obvious reasons, please encourage your players to avoid spitting on the turf.
· Notify the Facilities Manager if any areas of the turf are damaged or deficient.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that grounds and facilities are maintained in a clean and tidy state at all times. The cost of any excessive cleaning and ground restoration by CFC will be charged to the hirer. If a facility or ground is found to be in disorder at the time of activity commencement, this should be reported to the Office on 021 626 559.
Accident Indemnity
The Hirer shall be responsible for any accident, loss, damage or injury sustained by any person using the field or the facilities during the time these facilities are allocated to the user, notwithstanding that such injury arose from or by reason of any defect with the facilities and the Hirer agrees to indemnify CFC against all claims and demands made or costs or expense incurred in connection with such actions. The Hirer is required to provide CFC with written details of any accident, loss, damage or injury sustained by any person within three days of the date of the accident occurring.
CFC will not be liable for any loss or damage sustained by the hirer or any persons, firm or corporation entrusted to or supplying any article or thing to the hirer by reason of any such article or thing being lost, damaged or stolen and the hirer agrees to indemnify CFC against any claim by any such person, firm or corporation in respect to such article or thing.
Safety Equipment
CFC will not supply any safety equipment necessary for using the grounds or facilities. Safety equipment must be provided by Hirer.

Breach of above CUFC T&C’s and CFC Rules and Regulations
Should the above rules and regulations be breached, the offender is liable to be trespassed from CFC for a period of time as set by management or any person deemed to be a person in charge of the facility at the time of the breach.
All criminal breaches will be reported to the police.

Further Information
For further information please contact the Office on 021 626 559 or e-mail: booking@cfcentre.co.nz