Pieter in ’t Groen returns to his family in Ghana


Pieter in ’t Groen returns to his family in Ghana

Christchurch United is sad to announce that Technical Director Pieter in ’t Groen has asked the Christchurch United FC to release him from his contract to rejoin his family in Ghana.

Visa procedures for Pieter’s Ghanian wife and son to join him in New Zealand have proven to be complicated and the timelines unpredictable, so Pieter has decided to put his family first and return to Ghana as soon as possible.

The family had spent most of last year apart while Pieter worked for a club Qatar and he had not expected to face another long separation after moving to New Zealand.

The club respects Pieter’s priorities and wants to thank him for the major input he has made in the club in his short stint in Christchurch.

Pieter was instrumental in setting up the club’s first Academy programme and the football programme for the players who have joined the Unlimited Discovery Ao Tahiti school.

Fernando Lambert will continue as Interim Technical Director until the end of the winter season in August, while the club recruits a new Technical Director with the international experience that Pieter brought to Christchurch United.

Christchurch United management has maintained regular contact with other candidates who were part of last year’s selection process for other roles at the club, so the club is confident it will be able to attract another highly qualified international coach to our club.

We wish Pieter and his family all the best.

Christchurch United Management