Lew Gordon makes Canterbury Dragons Squad

Coach Lew Gordon, interacting with the players

Despite playing in the CCL (Canterbury Championship League) competition, Christchurch United FC had an impressive first season as a club after merging with the Christchurch Football Academy at Yaldhurst.

Having Brazilian coach Fernando Lambert as a Head Coach, the club looked to build a team culture and playing style that will be our identity for many years to come. “The results weren’t our priority as we are still in the process of building a pathway for our young players. Our main focus was to develop our players and have them playing at their highest level possible”.

With that in mind, the club finished in third but notably still holding the best defence in the competition.

To this end, our First Team Goalkeeper and Academy Goalkeeper Coach, Lew Gordon has been selected to join the prestigious Canterbury Dragons squad for 2017/2018 Season.

Gordon’s selection shows that although we were in the CCL league, Christchurch United FC remains on the selectors radar.

Coached all season by Goalkeeper Coach Ricardo Lopez who also joined our Goalkeeper Academy Program in 2017, the Christchurch United Goalkeeping Academy Program has a very good combination of experience and talent in its professionals.

If you want to know more about our academy programs and our Goalkeeper program, please go to our website www.cufc.co.nz.